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Group Packages


The Basic Coaching Package

We will work with you to identify areas in your life that are causing distress. Then we will develop a plan to help you remain organized and motivated to continue working toward having a meaningful life.


The Start-Up Package

Feeling stuck? Our life coaching will help you through this complicated process so you can discover the next stage of your life.


Small-Group Coaching Package

Small-group coaching is a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching. One of the main benefits is working with and talking to individuals who have similar issues and concerns as you do. This package includes an intake session followed by four group sessions. Information gathered during the intake session will be used to customize the focus of the group so everyone will get the most out of it.

The group will include up to six people, discussing topics like:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage and guide you through the process of self-discovery. We help you achieve your goals by providing you with the tools to transform your life through empowerment and to awaken your inner magic.

Coaching is a time dedicated for you; focusing on what you want and need most out of life. You will meet with us individually to discuss any shortcomings, celebrate your successes and fill in the gaps that stops you from experiencing full joy. You will be challenged but only to find out that you have what it takes. Together, we will generate solutions to your problems and remove barriers, identify your triggers, and learn skills to cope and navigate through live.

A coaching session is anywhere from 45 minutes per session.. Group coaching sessions can last anywhere for 60-90 minutes once per week. It has been proven that after a session, reflection time is needed; you will also have the opportunity to apply skills learned during the week and complete homework assigned. You will be eager to wait for the next session.

A Coaching session is very much like a therapy session, but instead, we are not clinically diagnosing nor resolving past trauma. A coaching session is interested in focusing on the here-and-now and future. A Coaching session begins with an assessment; an opportunity to get to know your needs. We then create goals by utilizing a strengths approach and many other techniques. We utilize CBT and DBT approaches to identify barriers from achieve goals. Together, we celebrate goals accomplished and identify areas for improvement.

Scheduling is easy. We are available 24/7-7 days per week. You can reach us via email, text or call. You are our number one priority. We guarantee you a same day response.


Sessions are individually tailored to fit your needs. We recommend anywhere from 6-8 sessions to see results. We know that life transformation does not only happen once per week. Through reflection time, homework assignments, you will get the most benefits and reach your goals much faster. Not only will you accomplish your goals, it will become a lifestyle.

You can always cancel at any time. However, you are our biggest priority. We want to make sure that your needs are being satisfied. Let us know before you cancel what we can do to ensure you are on our way to reaching your full potential.


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Scheduling is easy. We are available 24/7-7 days per week. You can reach us via email, text or call. You are our number one priority. We guarantee you a same day response.